Saturday, 14 February 2009

Retun of my Muse?

I used to write. I used to write a lot. Then somtething happened and I stopped dead leavign several polt in mid-flow and stories unresvoled. My Muse had gone on vacation.

I thought she might be away for a while but that short break turned into a major holiday and then into a major stay away.

However last night something clicked and bags in hand my Muse turned up again with flowers for her absence, so i let her in.

We'll see if shes stayign for long or just picking up her post.....

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Beast vs Beast

Thoughts based on this picture:

Beast vs Beast

Now wouldn't it be funny if D.r McCoy was trapped in some weird alternative past where the only thing around was his HUGE Gothic castle.... he pulls himself out of the driving rain to be greeted by an empty hall.... he wanders for a bit aware hes being watched by multiple scared beings.... suddenly he sniffs a lit fire and heads towards it.... just as he gets to the door its ripped open by a huge growling, furred figure...."oh my stars and garters..."