Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Underworld 3


Well its not a horror movie- the spurts of blood where comical rather than icky. The Vamps where hardly scary, though I thought Bill Nighty was good OTT fun. The Werewolfs/Lycan's where not scary either- though it was good to see them using tactics and not getting totally screwed by the Vamps this time. Still we know it happens later so one victory hardly counts!

Werewolf FX was good. Nothing we have not seen before, but having that many Lycans on screen at the same time was cool. They made a lot of use of blur and shadows to cover any cgi errors; even the daylight was murky and washed out!

Only thing that got me was I was sure that in Underworld 1 they said that Lycans where not tied to the moon..... yet in this one it seemed Lucius could not transform unless the moon was out... which is way he failed at several of his goals throughout!

Still entetaining romp.

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