Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Well a good mate suggested I try [i][b]Left4Dead[/b][/i] and after all the stuff I have heard/read I decided what the heck.... even though normally I can't stand FPS games.

Well I still suck at it... lowest kill stats, most med packs etc, however if they where giving awards for 'Best Impression of a panicked civi with a machine gun' I'd win gold!!

Still I'll keep playing simply cos its amazing fun. It feels cinematic, and the social aspect of playing with friends mean it does not feel like a [i]Doom[/i], or a[i] Halflife[/i] to me. It *is* much more like a movie than most other games.

Damm Tanks though..... knocked me off the skyscraper hospital and then off the helicopter pad......grrr.....

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