Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Orc Dispora

Over on Siskoid's Blog of Geekery, I asked the Siskoid for a post about non Sterotypical Orcs and this was posted in return

In response I posted some further ideas, which I am adding and expanding here as well.

I certainly like the suggestion of an Orc dispora after a Mordor level event forces them out in all directions- several ideas for this Event come to mind:
1) The Dwarves have caused 'Mount Doom' to blow and rendered the Homeland uninhabitable;
2) A nearly defeated Elven nation calls down a metor/moon to smash into the world as a final act before being wiped out by the Orcs;
3) Another even stronger force (combined Human Kingdoms?) has invaded the Homeland and even the Orcs cannot win causing the women, children and old to leave while the Warriors hold a rearguard. A new generation will grow up bitter and/or without their male figures.

After being forced out and Taking the idea of using a real world example; The lost Homeland could then take on mythical proportions (like Isreal) leading to an Orcish Return movement centuries later, and causing perhaps the same sort of problems.

Certainly the Orcs scattered from the Homeland would become very different culturally after the destruction of the Homeland. Some ideas:
1) Taken in by another race/culture such as the Dwarves or Humans- as Siskoid suggested there would probably be gettos, perhaps slavery but eventually rebellion or civil rights similar to the Native Ameicans or blacks in the US.
2) Forced conversion to the new cultures strongest religion perhaps becoming the shock troops in the Religons armies.
3) An attempt to set up a new Orc Homeland, but without X or Y factor from Home the new nation is a very different place; perhaps it slips onwards a 'good' God, or is even more brutal than the list nation.

Certainly an interesting way of shaking up a game world!

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